Class Cloud LLC
Class Cloud LLC
is a software development company based in New York City.

Our mission is to build high-quality software, whatever it takes.

The most important quality of software we believe is "understandability". If software is easy to understand it is possible to improve any other aspect of it, like speed, correctness, usability. If it's not easy to understand, it will be hard to improve anything about it.

Technologies like Object-Oriented- and Functional Programming allow us to build software which is easy, or at least possible to understand -- by building it out of reusable parts.

Our platforms are Node.js and Internet, JavaScript, World Wide Web. We also have expertise in Java, C# and Smalltalk.

We have published and maintain open source libraries aimed at improving code quality, and have commercial products in the pipeline. We're ready to take on projects to help you build high quality Node.js -based software.

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